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"Answers in Genesis" for Kids!

Answers in Genesis is a program that teaches the historic truths and scientific
facts with evidence found throughout the Bible. Schools and the media teach
 the evolution theory as a fact. Through the 5 day course, our children will
 learn the biblical truths of God's creations. The program will conclude with visit
 the Creation Museum in San Diego for a field trip.

Day 1:  Origin of the Universe
Day 2:  The Origin of Humans
Day 3:  Dinosaurs
Day 4:  Noah's Flood
Day 5:  After Noah's Flood
Day 6:  Field Trip to Creation Museum in San Diego 

For:  4th - 6th graders
When:  August 15th-19th 9:30am-2:30pm
Cost:  $100 plus $45 for field trip (Total $145)

Registrations are online only and will begin 7/3.

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