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to Aug 19

"Answers in Genesis" for Kids!

Answers in Genesis is a program that teaches the historic truths and scientific
facts with evidence found throughout the Bible. Schools and the media teach
 the evolution theory as a fact. Through the 5 day course, our children will
 learn the biblical truths of God's creations. The program will conclude with visit
 the Creation Museum in San Diego for a field trip.

Day 1:  Origin of the Universe
Day 2:  The Origin of Humans
Day 3:  Dinosaurs
Day 4:  Noah's Flood
Day 5:  After Noah's Flood
Day 6:  Field Trip to Creation Museum in San Diego 

For:  4th - 6th graders
When:  August 15th-19th 9:30am-2:30pm
Cost:  $100 plus $45 for field trip (Total $145)

Registrations are online only and will begin 7/3.

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to Jul 7

2016 Summer Camp for 3rd - 6th Grade

Parents, this is for your children!


Christians must be fighters: that is, fighters in the battle for faith! Through this camp our children will identifies various battlegrounds of temptation, and equips children with strategies for fighting against sin. They are encouraged to fuel their faith in God by remembering that strength, help, and victory are assured in Christ.


$150 (last day for registration : 6/12) First come, first serve basis. (We can accept first 60 children only)


Oak Glen Christian Conference
39364 Oak Glen Road, Yucaipa, CA 92399

Register using this link!

Please contact Pastor Jinah for more details.

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