Retreating (Dyllen Jay Lingat)


One of the first things that the guest speaker, Pastor David Kim, shared with us is that the military uses retreats to take a step back, to analyze the situation, and prepare to go back into battle. He warned us that many times, retreats are used to just feel good or to take a breather from our everyday lives. But it should be more like the military definition. If I am honest, I think I was expecting the latter in regards to this retreat. It seemed like a nice way to start the break since school was out. Luckily and thankfully, I got so much more than a vacation.

As a 4th year Computer Science major, with no applicable job experience and less than stellar grades, I’m uncertain as to what career path to follow. The future seems precarious to say the least. Graduation is quickly approaching, and with it comes all the pressures and responsibilities of living in the “real world.” Major life questions are at the forefront of my mind and decisions will need to be made soon. I felt and still feel directionless. But in many ways, this retreat gave me a chance to evaluate my situation in life and prepare for what is to come.


A true testament to God’s understanding of our needs, everything about this retreat seemed applicable to my situation. The retreat did a lot for me personally, so getting into every detail about the things I learned would be too difficult to explain. I had heard many messages for years. I know that material possessions are temporary and that we cannot truly comprehend what God has in store for us in heaven.  I have heard that we cannot serve both God and money and God is a personal God. I understand it is important to repent when I sin. I recognize everyone is unique and comparing myself to others is unhealthy and pointless. Instead of talking about each message, I would like to share my biggest takeaways from this retreat.

First, I was trying to make decisions without making God the priority. Before this retreat, I had learned of a lucrative job I could potentially pursue. Outside of the potential of receiving good pay, I didn’t know anything about it except I would need to study for a year on the east coast. Furthermore, this job isn’t related to my major. Although I plan to learn more about the job, I felt less conflicted about turning it down rather than pursuing it for the sake of money.

Second, I was worrying too much about what the future holds. I need to set God as my foundation and trust that everything else will fall into place.

Third, I was reminded that alone time with God is absolutely crucial in the RELATIONSHIP I have with him.

Fourth, I will make mistakes. I will sin against God and true repentance stems from my relationship with God, not religion.

I can’t say I have figured out what to do with my life. But through the retreat, God reminded me He is the one thing that is certain, so I can move forward without worry.