Don’t Let the Fog Get in the Way (Peter Lee)

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According to, Grand Canyon is one of the top ten places to visit in the U.S.  Many of us have been there and is a spot where tourists are recommended to visit.  A few years ago, several relatives visited from Korea, and so my family and I, drove them to visit the Grand Canyon. 

I had already visited several times before and so I was excited for my relatives to witness the splendor and magnificence that was offered at the canyon. I already pictured which route to take and which stops to stop at for the best possible view.  I imagined the vast horizon that stretched beyond what we could see and the deep valleys that would take our breath away.  I couldn’t wait for my relatives to marvel at God’s creation.

As we reached our destination, the excitement in the car quickly turned to a sense of dismay.   We didn’t find the grandeur of the canyon in front of us.  There was no awesome view.  Rather, a thick, gray, soupy fog blocked the view of what was supposed to be there. 

Instead of being in awe and wonder, I left the canyon that day disappointed and thinking of the trip as a waste of our time.  I am sure this scenario resonates with some of us when it comes to our worship with God, both on a personal level and in a corporate setting. 

God’s nature and His attributes do not change.  Who He is, is enough reason for us to approach Him and be in awe of Him.  He is deserving of our praise and worship because He is worthy of it.  The splendor and glory of God is right before us. But blocking that view is the thick fog of unbelief, worries, pride, or sin.  Perhaps our circumstances create a fog that hinders our view of God and thus, affects our desire to worship and adore Him.

After spending a night at a nearby hotel, we returned to the canyon. The sun shined brightly that day as a light breeze kept us cool.  As we originally hoped for, the views were breathtaking.  This experience reminded me of a simple truth that I often forget.

However heavy the fog may be, the wind will eventually blow to break it up and we will be able to see the beauty of God revealed in Christ.  The important thing to remember is that God is always there.  God’s nature is always there and is unchanging.   We mustn’t let the fog determine our response toward God but to remember that He, in all His brilliance, is fully deserving of our praises.

One of my all-time favorite songs is a Korean song, that when translated says,

“Wherever You call me, I will worship. 

In whatever circumstance, I will worship.”

I pray that this would be the prayer and desire of our hearts as individuals as well as a church.  May every opportunity of worship we have be one where we are drawn to the beauty and goodness of the Lord and be near to Him, no matter the circumstance.