The Reason I Serve (Woojung We)


I love children. Not only because of how cute and adorable they are, but also because of their imperfections. Every Sunday, I have the privilege of seeing our children in the church develop and master new skills. Kids who didn’t crawl before learn how to crawl.  Some kids barely walked before and now, they are running. Each child’s unique personality comes out and sometimes, it’s so neat to see the resemblance that they have with their parents.

Children are vulnerable and are totally dependent upon adults to survive. Adults teach, train, and encourage the children to do the right things even when they fail. All in all, Children remind me of our own spiritual journey. We learn of who God is and we study the Bible for spiritual survival. We also learn how to share the Gospel with others. It is a humbling experience when I spend time with children, but I can see clearly how great God’s love is for His people.

The vision for our BEC Nursery is that our infants will learn God’s love and for us to provide a safe environment for their children so that parents can focus on the worship service. The Church nursery is the first church community that children often experience. Our little children worship Jesus just like we do. It is never too early to teach and train them. They may not understand but we are helping them to build a solid foundation. My prayer for our nursery is that children will know God and love Him even at a young age. My desire is that their hearts will be full of God’s grace and love.


While the children are in the nursery, I would like the parents to regain strength by fully focusing on their own worship times and experiencing a deeper connection with God. This is so important and so needed for parents because for me, the first two years after my children were born were the hardest and driest seasons in my spiritual life. I constantly had to take care of little ones and had no time to even listen to the message or to the worship songs. But I overcame that obstacle with help from other brothers and sisters in Christ. If we as a family of God can serve parents by helping them to have undistracted times of worship, I believe that they will regain their strength and fall deeper in love with Christ. And their love for Christ will help them to be better parents to their children and their children will experience the love of Christ even more powerfully through their parents. This is the reason why I want to serve in our nursery. I don’t see our nursery as just babysitting time. But rather, as a time of demonstrating what it means to have a Christ-centered community that expands God’s Kingdom by serving children.