Appreciating Brother's Appreciation (Adam Cook)


Brother’s Appreciation was definitely a night that will be remembered for a long time. I honestly had no idea what to expect and totally forgot about it due to the business of homework assignments, midterms, projects, and whatever curveballs that were thrown by life at the time. Standing outside the door, I was brimming with curiosity how this event was going to go. The doors open and it was quite a beautiful moment walking through. The ladies of the college ministry put so much effort into this event. A small tunnel of the college ladies forming with cheers made us feel welcome and surprise! It was a Super Mario Bros themed party waiting for us with games, food, and a nice mustache to live out an old dream of becoming an Italian plumber with a knack of saving princesses. Shout-out to the college ministry ladies who made all this happen! It was amazing and appreciated!

Reflecting on such a good time gave me a reminder about how important community itself is within the church. As we are called to God, our main priority is to cultivate a relationship with him and be based around him. All things in this world must come second. However, due to our weakness from sin, it’s difficult for us to stand up by ourselves and try to pursue God. Brother’s Appreciation reminded me about how important it is to have a solid community around you.


Personally, finding a community that works has always been difficult. From middle school to high school, finding a solid community was hard and took time and investment. Church was no exception. Coming into college I lost my home church community due to inactivity and decided to find a new church with a goal to rekindle my faith. That didn’t work out either. I couldn’t find community at Bethel so I faded out believing I could rekindle it through my own means and no community.

Boy was I wrong.

Being out of touch with church, I became out of touch with God. Believing in my own powers, I thought I could rekindle my faith. Unfortunately, it became so much weaker. It wasn’t until later that I realized my error and started to invest more time and effort into the Bethel community that I was able to create the support needed for my walk with God. The friends that I made here are a blessing and I can feel comfortable sharing my sorrows, my joys, and of course, worship God with them.

Events like these are a reminder that I am not alone. God tells us that we should form churches and communities to keep each other accountable. Community has broken me and kept me away from God but it has also brought me back and kept me more deeply rooted within him. Events like these are just a reminder that God has blessed me with such a loving and amazing community. It’s something I should always be thankful for and that I should never rely on myself alone, but to put everything in him and there will be a church to support me.