Knowing God Bible Study (Jeni Kim)


Many people would be surprised to hear that I am an introvert. Don’t get me wrong—I know how to “turn it on” when I need to and I also ironically use being loud and obnoxious as a defense mechanism to avoid deeper topics. But growing up an only child, I’m much more accustomed to being by myself. Not to mention, socializing takes a lot of effort. Social interactions can be so fragile: the potential to offend someone or to be offended, the potential to be socially awkward, the potential for misunderstanding and disagreement, the list goes on. It’s so much easier for me to just avoid it, altogether!

However, I know that this is not from God. He created us to be and grow in community. God, Himself, exists in community with the Trinity. We were not meant to go it alone. Adam needed a suitable helpmate. Even animals couldn’t make the cut—he needed someone like him. So I challenge myself to socialize. I definitely embarrass myself more often than not, but practice makes perfect... right?

My husband and I serve in the high school ministry at church, so it’s often hard to get out to English Church events, but we were so excited to hear about the Knowing God Bible Study class. Of course, I was excited to learn more about our Father, but I surprised even myself when I expressed that I was excited to be able to do this with others. After all, I can’t deny that God has planted that seed of longing for a community within my heart.

The Knowing God Bible Study is a short and sweet six weeks, but it has become a cherished part of my week. It’s nice to cut through the small talk and get down to the deep things of God, to try to tackle the hard questions of faith, even if we don’t have all the answers. It’s so refreshing to hear how different each of our journeys with Christ is, how each of us came to know Christ, our day-to-day struggles with living out the faith, and even our different perspectives on how God is moving. It would be easy to disagree and argue or shut down, but it’s a safe environment where we can toss around ideas and together come to a deeper understanding of our faith.

Even as an introvert, I am thankful to have a place to be able to hear and share thoughts without judgment. These Wednesday meetings have become so special to me as a time of refreshing and real conversation and learning. I think it’s so important for us as God’s children to do the hard work of struggling through topics that are far beyond our understanding, even if we don’t come to a definitive answer. We need each other and we need to continuously go deeper in our faith and knowledge of God. I didn’t want this to be propaganda for the Knowing God Bible Study, but next time it is offered, I really encourage you to check it out!