Camping & God’s Perfect Plan (David & Ann Park)


Family Camping Trip? Honestly, I wasn’t sure my wife would agree to go camping and wasn’t sure if my kids were really ready for it. I also haven’t gone camping in 15 years and on top of that, I didn’t have any camping gear. After using Pastor Dan’s wise words of “it’s only 30 minutes away so if the kids can’t handle it, you can always go back home,” I was able to convince my wife (Ann) to commit.

To our surprise, our kids Ellie (5 years old) and Elijah (4 years old) loved it. As Elijah put it: “We found nature!” We quickly realized that with the chaos of life, we have never taken them camping and didn’t know how much they would enjoy it. They ran around in the dirt, collected rocks, made new friends and even ate some s’mores.


As much as we enjoyed watching our kids having fun, my wife and I enjoyed the fellowship even more. We had been going to Bethel for several months but only knew a couple families through House Church. When we arrived at the camping trip we felt welcomed immediately and got to know so many families. The amazing food definitely added to the fellowship as well!

As the days past, we were reminded that everything is in God’s perfect plan. It wasn’t a coincidence that we came to Bethel when we did and it wasn’t a coincidence that we went on the family camping trip. It was in His perfect plan and it was a great reminder to just trust in Him. We are already looking forward to next year’s trip.