Our Beautiful Priority (Charles Baik)


Our annual Gospel Revolution was a spiritual feast that God used guest Pastor Tim Pak to feed us. Reflecting on his messages, I needed to unpack and daily remind myself of so many truths.

The sermons were based on the book of Colossians, at a time when the Christian church was battling syncretism, trying to combine Paul’s teachings with local Pagan and Jewish folk beliefs. The issue was not whether the church believed in Jesus, but the church allowed the non-Christian culture to infiltrate the church. The similarity to our post Christian America times is striking as our culture constantly infiltrates the hearts of the individual and collectively the church.

In light of this observation, we are challenged with the priority of Jesus above all else in our walk. Is Jesus Lord of our lives? Do we see Jesus as all sufficient? Pastor Tim reminded us that anything that is added to the gospel diminishes the gospel. An illustration would be that in our marriage, by loving someone other than your spouse, one is diminishing that marriage. In the form of an equation, it would be: “1) Jesus + something = nothing, 2) Jesus + nothing = everything”.

I wanted to believe that I am of the first equation but looking into my own life, the Spirit exposed me to all the “somethings” that I have in my life that are diminishing the gospel. Our culture’s values of comfort, convenience, entertainment, and social media, which may be blessings and a part of God’s common grace, many times compete with my affection for God, and in turn diminish God’s grace. 


As for application of this truth in our lives, Pastor Tim talked about putting ourselves in the pathway of grace. The bible repeatedly states that God gives grace to the humble but opposes the proud (Proverbs 3:34, James 4:6). God is very clear in the Word about how we are to draw closer to God but many times we feed ourselves whatever junk we want and think we can draw closer to God. Pastor Tim used the illustration that due to his blindness, he has to be dropped off at the bus stop to be in the pathway of the bus route. In the same way, we need to be in the pathway of grace for God to work in our lives, but we often treat God’s grace by sitting in our living room, wanting God to come and pick us up. Pastor Tim pointed out that while it is true that we cannot earn God’s grace, we can certainly invite God’s grace into our lives.

Overall, the Gospel Revolution was a tremendous blessing. Pastor Justin Kim would always emphasize the importance of such events because if there is just one thing that is picked up that changes the trajectory of your life, it has eternal consequences and this event certainly was a testament to that truth.