Roots (Cara Kim)


Recently, I came across an article that said “one of the best things a man can do for his health is to be married to a woman, whereas for a woman, one of the best things she can do for her health is nurture her relationships with her girlfriends.” Though I may not be able to vouch for the former, I can most definitely attest to the latter. Many of my greatest memories were shared with my girlfriends - girlfriends that I often met at church. There is nothing greater than finding a friend who not only loves and supports you, but loves and supports you because your God is their God. And I think for many Christian women, we all seek to find a community, a group of other women who we can connect with on a deeper level. This was the heart of one friend of mine and it is because of her desire for sisterhood that Roots was birthed.

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We decided to rename our Women’s Ministry “Roots” because we envisioned every woman to be deeply rooted in Jesus Christ and His church. By doing so, our foundation in Christ is what will allow us to have meaningful relationships with other women. The more women we connect with, the more our roots will continue to grow. And as we share and do life with one another, these roots will grow deeper and deeper so that when trials come our way, we have an army that loves and cares for us because our foundation in Christ has remained constant. But our roots will not grow if we are not willing to go soil deep. How can we expect growth when all conversation stays surface level? How can we expect other women to really know one another when all they have time to say on Sunday’s are a combination of, “Hi, what was your name again?” or “How was your week?” So we decided to create an opportunity where women could actually talk and get to know one another uninterrupted.

The Ladies Luncheon that was held on March 10 was terrifying for me yet at the same time, everything I could have ever hoped it would be. We had planned an “I Am” exercise where we were to write down one chain that binds us. What is your chain? There was great turmoil within me leading up to the luncheon because I was not ready to share what I knew I needed to say. How could I expect these women to know the very heart of Roots if I was not willing to go soil deep? So with trembling voice, as I held in my hands a yellow piece of paper with 3 words that haunted my very soul, I poured my heart out to 50 women. Truth be told, I was immediately filled with an overwhelming amount of sorrow and as I started to tell myself how Jesus loves me, how my chains were just lies, my army came beside me. I had sisters who squeezed my hand, gave me a quick hug, and whispered a “thank you” and in that moment, I was reminded that this is why we need each other. This is how roots grow deeper. 

With the new launch of Sister Roots, a 6 month program where sisters are paired to grow deeper together, I look forward to being able to cultivate meaningful relationships with those around me. If you are seeking sisterhood and friendship, I urge you to join this journey with me and all the other women here waiting to grow deeper together.