Heavenbound (Barnaby Lin)


For some reason, reflecting on life and God always takes a minimum of a two hour car ride and a beautiful getaway. Yet, what the BEC Congregational Retreat reminded me of was that planned excursion or not, we all have a destination. Pastor Dave set the tone of the retreat by prompting us of Jesus' return: a promise of something greater than what we have in front of us. In the past four years of my graduate education in clinical psychology, I found it convenient to bury myself in school and work. I thought to myself that my time and effort was dedicated to an honorable pursuit. In reflection, I realized that my devotion served to quell my own anxieties and insecurities about being a good person. Being heaven-bound however, meant not just a well-organized presentation of my life, but the offering of my life.


To that end, Pastor Dave encouraged us to relearn stillness before God. While so many things in the world compete for our attention, we must remember that God is our refuge and strength. That whatever trials and sufferings we face, we can turn to our Father, whose love never fails. Despite this, I know I tend to trust the things of this world to find peace and solace, only to remain restless and yearning. Allowing the Holy Spirit to convict and be my heart's mirror feels uncomfortable and even painful.  Nevertheless, I need the Spirit to search my priorities and reveal God's heart to me. The Christian life is not merely a religious practice, but an alignment of hearts. So my prayer is that we reflect not just during special occasions, but daily upon God's calling on our lives. Remembering that this place is not our home, that we would be heaven-bound.