My Resolutions (Nick Ahn)


For the new year of 2019, I would like to become more aware of the actions and thoughts I have and asking God in prayer first before anything. I realize in the previous year, I didn’t look to God first when problems or situations came up and thought that I could do it without God. I am making a resolution to seek more dependence on God instead of independence.

Another New Year’s resolution I have is to actively seek opportunities to live a healthier, more fruitful life this year. I constantly waited for God to come to me and believed that blessings would just end up on my doorstep. However, I plan on making a considerable effort to seek the better treasures God has in store for me. I am striving to be more active by exercising so that I can have more energy and a positive attitude with my family, friends, and God. I’ve realized for a while that my parents are very supportive of me and even though I have messed up numerous times, they are still loving and patient with me. I want to change myself in these areas so that I don’t have to cause my parents to worry about me as much. 

This new year, I would also like for my friendships to grow and deepen. I want my friendships to have lasting value in my life. My friends, Joey and Justine, have also made a resolution this year to spend more time with me and develop our friendship. I believe that God wanted me to hear their resolutions and to know that He has a plan for me, showing that He cares even in my weaknesses and lowest points. In the same way my friends made their resolutions, I would like to reciprocate by spending more quality time with my other friends. This resolution is difficult for me because I am not the type to initiate events or meeting up with people. Nevertheless, I will depend on God to help me spend time with people and have true fellowship.

Pastor Bryan Kim spoke in his message from Luke 11:9 and how we should ask, seek, and knock. I’ve heard many sermons on this passage but this passage at the beginning of the new year convicted me to come up with these resolutions for 2019.