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Knowing God Bible Study

Prerequisites:  None
Cost:  $20
Instructor:  Pastor Justin Kim
Duration:  6 Sessions (New Starting Date January 3)
Days/Times:  Wednesdays, 7:30-9 pm Location: C-Sanctuary
Childcare:  Yes! (Through BKC)
Deadline:  December 29, 2017

Description of Class

We will explore the nature of God's character. Examine questions like: How well do you know him? How well does he know you? Is God fair?

Specific Dates & Tentative Topics

  • January 3:  Knowing God through His Names. What God invites us to call him says volumes about his relationship to us.
  • January 10:  Has God Played Fair? Why did an omniscient God create humankind knowing that people in every generation would reject him?
  • January 17:  A Better Look at God's Face. The Trinity helps us connect the dots and outline the face of God eternal.
  • January 31:  Fear and Friendship: Two Sides of Worship. How do we balance intimacy and awe?
  • February 7:  Does God Know Your Next Move? God's freedom, our freedom, and spiritual confidence in a changing world.
  • February 28:  When God Says No. Making sense of unanswered prayer