Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Attend?

Anyone is welcome! We will try to best accommodate for childcare for very young children. Your teen and youth may join us for the retreat or they can help with childcare!

Can I just come for the day on Saturday?

Yes! This is a special option. Cost will be $110 for the day without lodging. Please contact Pastor Dan ( prior to registering.

How dO I get there?

You'll be responsible for your own transportation, but we encourage carpooling. Parking on site is free.

What meals are provided?

For those registered, the conference kicks off with dinner the first night, and includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday. A sample menu can be viewed here. Please note that the menu may change when we have our retreat in May. All meals are served family style.

I’m gluten-free. What can I eat?

The current MHSCC menu is designed with you in mind and is largely gluten and nut free, with little dairy. MHSCC likes to say it is “gluten-friendly” because MHSCC serve lots of salads and usually a main protein without gluten added. However, MHSCC cannot guarantee that it is completely gluten free. If you need a vegetarian meal, MHSCC would be happy to accommodate you. Please indicate during the registration process and we will make the dining room staff aware of your needs. 

I heard that there are great amenities! Is that True & Are we going to have time to use them?

Yes & yes! MHSCC is definitely a great conference and retreat location. They have a lot of amenities from coffee shops ($), pools, spa, tennis, basketball, and even volleyball! Feel free to use these great amenities during schedule free-times!

I registered! When is payment deadline?

While we will honor and lock-in your price, we kindly ask that you pay as soon as possible. As we get closer to the date, we need to provide the retreat center with a "currently registered" list. When payment is received, we will guarantee your spot! However, absolute last day to pay is when you arrive and upon registration on May 25th. You will need an official retreat name badge to dine and lodge.

When is the due date for fees?

We kindly ask that all payments be made as soon as possible. Absolute deadline is May 25 prior to attendee the retreat.

Is there a payment Plan option?

While we don't offer any sort of auto-pay, our Retreat Committee is willing to help organize and manage funds for you.

For example: For one adult, if you register early and start saving 12 weeks before (starting the first week of March), it'll cost less than $14 per week! We're willing to help manage weekly, monthly...whatever is best for your situation.

What is Lodging like? 

MHCSS lodges are "motel-style" with bathrooms in each room. Families will have their own rooms.