Daddy Daughter Disco

A few days ago, I had the privilege of taking my daughter to our first father-daughter dance. I came home early, got her flowers and put on my best suit. She was so excited, but not as excited as I was. The evening started off well, but it went downhill pretty quickly once we got to the dance because she noticed two other girls wearing the same dress. Suddenly, she became shy and even felt ashamed and insecure just because someone else was wearing the same dress. I prayed and told her that it doesn't matter what people wear or what they think of her. It doesn't matter what she's wearing either.

I told her what matters most is what God thinks of her and what daddy thinks of her. I reminded her to find her security, safety, and identity in her daddy. And that she is highly valued and loved! I also pointed out how many other dads there wore a gray suit but that I didn't care. All that mattered was that we were there together. The second half of the evening was amazing! My daughter's wild and fun personality came alive and she and I danced the night away. We had a blast! I also took notice of all the other dads there with their daughters. I have never seem so many bad dancers who have no rhythm. Many of them were middle-aged, slightly over-weight, and balding (I include myself in all of this)... some of them just looked tired. But the look on their daughter's faces to have their dads with them at the dance was priceless. They were so happy and thrilled to have their dads notice them and to dance with them.

It reaffirmed my conviction that dads have such an important and special role in their daughter's lives. If you are a dad, take notice of your kids and do your best to love them and spend time with them. Most of all, love your wife cause the best thing for your kids is to grow up under the security and love of a healthy marriage between their mom and dad.