Rooted in Gospel Love - "Preaching the Gospel to One Another" (Paul Kim)

Reflection Questions

1.  We help one another see our need for Christ.
A.  We are blind and biased.  What would change if you were convinced this were true of you?
B.  Do you frequently ask for forgiveness?  Why or why not?
C.  Do you lovingly confront others?  Why or why not?
D.  Is there something for which you want to ask forgiveness?  Is there something you want to lovingly confront in someone?

2.  We help each other see Christ, who He is and what He’s done for us.
A.  Is there a promise or truth that helps you focus on Jesus and free you?
B.  Is there a testimony you’d like to share?
C.  Is there Gospel fruit in someone else you’d like to celebrate?
D.  Is there grace you’d like to demonstrate?


Rooted in Gospel Love - "Gospel for the Shamed" (Paul Kim - Genesis 3:6-10, John 4:1-26)

Reflection Questions

1.  On a scale of 1 to 10, how much would you say shame/fear of embarrassment affects your life?
2.  What would happen if you felt completely accepted for all the good and bad, beautiful and ugly?  What would your life look like?
3.  How do you feel about the statements, “Daddy always loves you, even when you’re messy,” “Don’t worry about the mailman”?
4.  We can get a taste of how it feels to be completely loved and accepted by God through our relationships with others.  What would happen if our church became a place where people felt safe, secure, accepted, that there is no fear of rejection, no need to cover/hide?  What would this look like?